Lecture: Why Compost? with Mother Compost

Join Mother Compost to learn what composting is, why it is important for our environment, and how you can start recycling your organics.
About Mother Compost
Mother Compost is a Main Line based organic materials pick-up service that facilitates a simple solution to turn househould waste into fertilizer. Our mission is to empower families to make sustainable choices without having to commit extra time and energy. Currently, food and green waste thrown into the trash cans is taken to landfills, where it cannot biodegrade normally due to lack of oxygen. These materials end up releasing methane gas instead, which is more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. What's more, landfills are the third largest emitter of methane in the U.S.  Here's How Mother Compost helps our customers become part of the solution:
  • Provide5-gallon bucket to store food scraps and green waste
  • Collect bucket contents every other week from customers' homes
  • Send reminders via text & email the day prior to collection
  • Clean containers & liners after every pick up
  • Return up to 60 pounds of compost to each customer in the spring
  • People can test drive if composting works for them during a month-long free trial!

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