The Power of Black and White: Using Photoshop to Convert Color to Black and WhiteRegistration Closed
John A Benigno
Saturdays 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
May 20, 2017
Session: Spring
Medium: Digital Arts & Photography | Level: All Levels
Member: $28.00 | Non-Member: $32.00

The black and white print has many merits from capturing the beauty of tonal values to evoking nostalgia.  By eliminating color, we can approach the heart of the subject in its purest form.

We will use Photoshop to explore the range of tonal values that make digital photography so creative.  Photoshop allows us to experiment in real time to control contrast, exposure, and artistic intent.

We will cover everything from a simple gray scale conversion to converting selective image areas, techniques for digital toning, split toning, duotones, and replicating classic tones such as palladium, platinum, cyanotype and selenium toning.

Minimum enrollment needed to run each program, so please don't wait to register!

You will learn:

•    Gray scale conversion
•    Gradient map adjustment layer conversion
•    Using the black and white conversion adjustment layer
•    Using multiple black and white adjustment layers
•    Converting a black and white RGB file to a duotone
•    Using photo filters and the hue/saturation adjustment layer to add color tones to a black and white file
•    Adjusting the red, green and blue channels of the black and white file to replicate classic palladium, platinum, and cyanotype tones.

Student Supply List:

Paper, pen/pencil for note taking and a flash drive to save work.  Students will use Main Line Art Center computers, or they may bring their own laptop.  Their computer must have, at least, Photoshop CS6 loaded.